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U.S. Consulate News & activities

  • Photo: U.S. Consulate Recife
    U.S. Ambassador Announces New Address of the Consulate

    The U.S. Ambassador in Brazil, Liliana Ayalde, commemorated the 200th anniversary of the American consulate in Recife at the “From Frevo to Jazz” show and with the formal announcement of the consulate’s new location. Established in 1815, the Consulate General in Recife is the United States’ oldest diplomatic post in Brazil. 

  • (Photo: U.S. Consulate Recife)
    U.S. Consul General Receives Title of Citizen of Recife

    On April 1st, the same day the first American consul arrived in Recife in 1815, Consul General Richard Reiter was honored with the title of “Citizen of Recife.” The proposal for the honor came from Councilman André Régis among the attendees were the vice-governor of Pernambuco, Raul Henry. 

  • Photo: US Consulate Recife
    American Violinist Gives Free Recital in Recife

    Francesca Anderegg gave a free concert accompanied by Recife’s Orquestra Criança Cidadã (OCC) at the Luiz Mendonça Theatre in Dona Lindu Park and a recital at Oficina Brennand. The OCC project promotes social inclusion and professionalization through classical music instruction. 

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